What are some Russian Girl names?

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What are some Russian Girl names? I already have Anastasia and Svetlana.

Russian boy names I have are Aleksi, Mischa, Mikhail, and Maximiano. If you know any more boy names, feel free to list them too.

Love Demitri, forgot to list it.

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  • Yulia and Yelena are apparently quite common in Russia. I think both are quite pretty.

    Otherwise: Tatianna, Anastasia, Nadia, Natasha, Paulina, Katrina, Katia, Irina, Elina, Viktoria, Olga, Tamara, Svetlana.

    Nikolai, Uriah, Petrov, Ivan and Vladimir are all Russian as well (though, frankly, I only really like the first).

  • Natalya/Natalia Katya/Katia (pronounce KAH-tee-a, not KAY-tee-a) Svetlana Lilia Alexandra (she was the Empress of Russia at one time) Katarina/Katrina Anastasia (more of a Greek name, but she WAS a Russian princess!) Tatiana (also a Russian princess) Irina Yelena Anya There are many more beautiful Russian names….these are just the few I could think of.

  • Oksana


  • • Alexandra/Aleksandra

    • Viktoriya

    • Ludmila

    • Galina

    • Darya

    • Diana

    • Elena

    • Eva

    • Irina/Erinia (pronounced REE-nah)

    • Izabella

    • Anna

    Source(s): I’m Russian
  • ALL are Russian:

    Anesha – Girl – Means chaste and pure.

    Dimiitri – Boy – Means earth mother.

    Lidiya – Girl – Means from Lydia.

    Luka – Boy – Means man from Lucancia.

    Mariya – Girl – Means bittter.

    Nadina – Girl – Means hope.

    Nikita – Boy – Means unconqured.

    Raina – Girl – Means queen.

    Raya – Girl – Means friend.

    Tania – Girl – Means N/A.

    Vera – Girl – Means faith.

    Madina – Girl – Means from Magdala.

    Mikhail – Boy – Means “Who resembles God?”.

    Nadean – Girls – Means hope.

    Nadeah – Girls – Means hope.

    Feodor – Boys – Means “Gift of God.”.

    I love the name Mikhail Matthew and Nadina Mariya. They flow well and are classy. Have fun with the name search and congrats.

  • Some of my favorites…


















    Viktor <3

    Maksimilian <3

    Edit: I forgot Lilia & Eva! Also, Diana is both Russian & Greek I believe.

  • Saskia = Girl

    Dimitri = Boy

  • I girl name that I know and is Russian is Daria. ~I LOVE Derek

  • Assiya… i used to work with a girl called this who was russian…

  • Katrina’s a nice name.

    On the plus side it wiped out New Orleans.

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