what are the common problems on a 4.6 v8 ford motor?

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  • too small of bore… too short of a stroke… those are the 2 biggest problems that engine has.

  • -Split plastic intakes in the water passage directly behind the alternator that leaked antifreeze. The later models were updated with an aluminum passage integrated into the plastic intake.

    -Spark plug Coil’s start going out after 75k and there’s 8 of them.

    -Spark plugs blow out of the hole taking the threads with them. BTW, Yes ‘david z’ I’ve seen the 4.6 do it too. As recently as 2 days ago in an expedition.

    I own an ’01 Town Car with 98k and quite honestly expect it to run forever. Despite any common problems, these things don’t stop.

    2 things that MUST be done is to use only Motorcraft oil filters. They have a drain back valve that keeps oil from draining back to the pan when the engine is off. Most aftermarket filters do not. This prevents knocking on start up and eventual damage from it.

    Use only 5w20 weight oil if that’s what it call’s for. The tolerances are very tight in the valvetrain and any heavier of an oil can eventually cause valvetrain problems because the hydraulic components stay pumped up and never bleed down like they should when the engine is running.

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    what are the common problems on a 4.6 v8 ford motor?

  • I have a 1996 ford thunderbird with 190.000 miles with a 4.6 v8. I ran a compression check on one side and 3 cylinders had less that 100 lbs. It doesn’t burn oil. It stalls out when I let off the gas or put it in gear. Is this most likely a valve train problem.

  • 4.6 Ford Engine Problems

  • Reliable, long lasting.

    But very expensive to repair.

    By the time they need an overhaul, the vehicle is so old, that is not worth to repair.

    Drop it into the trash can.


  • only real problem seen a lot is spark plugs blowing out of the heads

  • main and rod bearing rattle. i have a 99 f150 with 140,000miles that rattles when i start it up. quiets when oil pressure comes up. i plan to rebuild soon.

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