What are the exact words on the pokemon level up screen?

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I need it with the learning a new move bit in, too please!

Basically, I need it as a joke for my friend, but it has to be EXACT and I’ve lost my DS 🙁

I know it’s something like — leveled up! —- wants to learn — but already knows 4 moves! Should —- forget a move?

And I need it right :/

Easy 10 points 🙂

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  • I just checked in the old B/R/Y versions (the only ones I have on me right now), and the text is as follows:

    ‘POKEMON grew to level X!’

    If he learns a move:

    ‘POKEMON learned MOVE!’

    If he wants to learn a move but has no space:

    POKEMON wants to learn MOVE but POKEMON already knows 4 moves! Should a move be forgotten to make space for MOVE?’

    If yes:

    ‘1, 2 and… Poof! POKEMON forgot MOVE and… POKEMON learned NEWMOVE!’

    If no:

    ‘Stop learning MOVE?’

    Here we get another yes/no box. If you press ‘no’, you will go back ‘POKEMON wants to learn MOVE…’. If you press yes, you get:

    ‘POKEMON did not learn MOVE’.

    I’m aware the aren’t exactly the newest versions, but I’m assuming the text is very similar if not exactly the same from what I recall in the newer games.

    Source(s): Pokemon R/B/Y rom.

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