What are the furniture chains in the Netherlands?

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Like IKEA for example, but other than that. I am looking to buy some middle range furniture I don’t know where to look for. Thanks!

Thanks for your answer bla bla, it doesn’t have to be low end, I just mentioned IKEA because it’s the only one I know.

I am in Leiden but I have a car so I can easily go to the nearby cities.

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  • Well if you mean IKEA then you mean “self assembly” furniture right? In which case then self-assembly is at the lower end of the market (Ikea being more the exception than the rule to this) and then there are a couple which spring to mind but both are budget (low end)



    From personal experience I tend to stay clear of furniture from Leen Bakker as it really is crappy to be honest. I have had a couple of little plant pot tables from Kwantum and these have lasted quite well.

    Personally in this kind of thing I prefer Ikea.

    Trendhopper http://www.trendhopper.nl/nl/ is nice as well and middle range

    Failing that then just take a trip to Villa ArenA (Amsterdam) or Woonmall Alexandrium (Rotterdam) and you are spoilt for choice in both

    EDIT: ok well given that you live in Leiden (I also live closeby) then your best bet if you don’t want to go to Rotterdam or Amsterdam as I mentioned is to the furniture centre in Leiderdorp. You can see it on the A4 on the right-hand side (as you head towards Den Haag). Here’s the link http://www.wooon-leiderdorp.nl/

    However, I have to say that the shops in places like this are not really middle range normally. They are smaller (many independant) shops and not chains and there are some nice things there but they are not as competitive on price as places like Ikea.

    Nice that Gree agrees with what I wrote (seeing the same answer in different words) but shame she has to thumb down me and other people whilst doing so.

    I got it from the fact that everyone was thumbed down shortly after your answer appeared. Not exactly rocket science.

  • We have a store like that here called Fred Meyer — grocery store on one side, furniture/house stuff/apparel on the other. I suppose I would buy furniture from a grocery store chain if it’s what I was looking for. I can’t imagine liking a couch but denying myself because it comes from Kroger.

  • Places Like Ikea

  • Heyhey! ikea isnt low-end! 🙂 Its usually pretty good quality for what you pay for it.

    Leenbakker and Kwantum are low end

    The best thing to do is go to the ‘Woonboulevard’ every city has one, its where all the furniture stores are. A lot of them would not be part of a large chain, If you tell us what city you are in we can find the location of one near you.


    Looks like Leiden doesnt really have a woonboulevard, but there’s a few nearby:

    Leiderdorp: http://www.wooon-leiderdorp.nl/winkels/winkel-info…

    Amsterdam: www.villaarena.nl

    Den Haag: http://www.megastoresdenhaag.nl/route-parkeren/rou…

    Utrecht: http://www.woonboulevardutrecht.com/

    Zoeterwoude: http://www.rijneke.nl/bereikbaar.html

    EDIT- @ BlaBla, I didnt give you thumbs down, i didnt give anyone thumbs down on this one. Where do you get that from? I cld still do so tho 😉

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  • 1. IKEA

    we basically don’t have something else bigger than IKEA here but…

    2. Leen Bakker

    3. Morres Wonen

    4. Eijerkamp

    5. Villeroy & Boch (bathroom, ceramics, etc)

    6. ADC meubelen

    and many more. You can also try on Google by using these keywords;

    meubelwinkel nederland.

    Good luck.

  • It depends on many factors

  • I don’t think this is feasible

  • trend hopper

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