What are the words “mother” and “father” in Egyptian?

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I don’t know much about the language, but all the translator sites are for hieroglyphics. I want the actual words, and preferably the pronounciacions if possible. If there’s a difference between Ancient and modern words, the Ancient ones please.

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  • Taivo’s answer is essentially correct.

    The word for father in ancient Middle Egyptian is “it” in transliteration. Though it ends in a “t” the word is, obviously not feminine, though most words ending in “t’ are, therefore, one does not usually put a dot before the “t” to indicate gender. The letter “y” is occasionally used in place of the letter “i” in transliteration, but “y” better refers to the double rather than single reed leaf. Some people trained in the European, especially the German tradition, use “j” instead of “i” but still pronounce it as though it were an “i” or “y.” Pronunciation is not entirely clear as true vowels are lacking, but most Egyptologists pronounce it something like “eet” – long e sound like in “feet.”

    The word for mother is mw.t. A goddess shares the same name. The pronunciation is usually rendered “Mut” or “moot.”

    For those who don’t know what “transliteration” means – this is the process of writing the phonetic values of the hieroglyphs (or other script) into Roman alphabetic characters before then translating the words into English (or whatever other language you happen to be translating into).

  • The closest that you’re going to get to the ancient tongues today would be from the Nubians. In different periods of ancient Egypt different dialects were spoken by the people depending on the rulers(ie. from the south or from the north or from middle Egypt.or from the Sudan). And today there are different dialects of the Nubian tongues also. But look that up online.

  • I can’t write it here because it’s Hieroglyphs. You can check out the site below though.

  • Father=أب or Ab, Mother=أم or Om

  • Father Gods and Mother Goddesses?

    Check this site out:

  • Anicient words are different in the modern one because the ancient words contains symbols of animals but it has the same pronouncasion on the modern one and it has the same meaning

    thats all i can say thank you^_^

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  • Ma for “mother”and Pa for “father”.I don’t know Arabic words,I guess only.

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