What are things that are 100 feet long? I need an example for a jury?

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I work for a lawyer and the cop said he was 100 feet away and unable to safely stop. BS! So, what are some things that are 100 feet long?

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  • 90 feet is the distance from home plate to first base or the distance from the 30 yard line to the goal line. 100 feet is the distance a car travelling 35 miles per hour covers in two seconds. Carl Lewis ran the 100 meter dash in 9.86 seconds, so 100 feet is about as far as Carl Lewis could run in three seconds. 100 feet is about 2/3rds the length of an olympic sized swimming pool. The standard shipping containers that you see being hauled by railroad cars are 53 feet, so 100 feet is almost twice that long.

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    What are things that are 100 feet long? I need an example for a jury?

    I work for a lawyer and the cop said he was 100 feet away and unable to safely stop. BS! So, what are some things that are 100 feet long?

  • How Far Is 100 Feet

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  • first off centipedes are NOT 100ft long

    they are 100 mm long (~4inches)

    and the cop was probably right since most subcompact cars need at least 130′ to stop for 60mph – 0 while sedans and small SUVs need at least 150 for same 60mph – 0 tests.

    highways and roads vary from 9 – 12ft in width so an 8 lane highway would be roughly 100 feet across including the center median

    average SUV = 16′ long

    small sedan = 12′ long



    A CITY BLOCK [Eastern U.S.] = 264 feet

    I think you got your numbers inside out.

    (if you can’t give an intelligent answer, then just don’t)

  • an NBA/NCAA basketball court is 94 feet long x 50 feet wide, so you can say that 100 feet is slightly more than the length of a professional basketball court, or exactly twice the width of one.

    a school bus is usually about 40 feet long, so 100 feet would be the length of 2.5 school buses.

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  • 100 feet of rope. 33 meters.

  • 100 feet is about 2.5 city blocks

  • a centipede is a hundred feet long

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