What are you supposed to do with the vigilantes in Assassins Creed?

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After I save the citizens there are the vigilantes left. They can be seen as blue under your eagle vision. I don’t know if I am supposed to talk with them or just leave them alone. It is nice to have someone on your side to help deal with all of the soldiers. I have tried eavesdropping in on their conversations, but there isn’t anywhere to sit down on a bench. If anybody can help me out I would like to hear what you have to say.

5 Answers

  • They aren’t apart of any missions. They are simply there to remove pressure of guards that are chasing you. When your doing a mission and being chased by lots of guards it’s always a good idea to run past some vigilantes because they will grab some of the guards for about ten seconds to reduce the amount of guards chasing you so if you have to fight them you won’t have to deal with so many enemies. This is very helpful when you get really far into the game when you have like 20-30 enemies following you and throwing rocks at you when you try to climb a building.

  • All they really do is help u when ur having trouble with the soldiers. If u read the manual that’s what their desciption is. Sad isn’t it, they could at let them do something more

  • They are there to distract soldiers. When you are being chased run by them and they will stop the soldiers.

  • the vigilantes are there to stop your persuer from chaseing u

  • if u r being pursued, they will stop ur pursueres for a while so u can get away or attack the pursuers

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