what area is 077 area code in the uk? it is a mobile #?

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Is there a way to find out the location of the number? Also, what goes beforee 077 if I am calling from the USA?


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  • To call any UK number from the US you first have to dial out of the US which is 011. You then have to dial the country code for the UK which is 44. You then dial the number you have but you have to leave out the first 0 of that number so you would dial…

    011 44 77********

    There is no way to tell what the location of the mobile number is in this country.

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  • All UK phone numbers beginning 077, 078, and 079 are mobile numbers (but not 070 which are even worse and can be redirected anywhere in the world). They can be anywhere in the UK and it is not possible to get any closer to the location – the 5 digit “area code” (077xx) indicates which mobile phone company originally issued the number (but it may have been transferred to another operator since then).

    To call it from the US, dial 011 44 then the 077 number without the first “0”. They may be quite expensive for you to call, but contrary to some of the other answers, your call will not cost the recipient anything unless they are outside the UK at the time of the call.

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  • Uk Phone Code

  • I live in Scotland and my mobile number starts with 077 It will cost a fortune to you and the person you are calling to phone a mobile from abroad.

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  • Area Code Lookup – Find an area code by city/state or number

  • All UK telephone numbers beginning with 07 are mobiles. All landline numbers begin with 01 or 02. Anything else is a premium rate or local rate commercial number.

  • All numbers beginning with 07 in the UK are mobile numbers.

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