What colour should a blueberry be inside?

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I have been buying them from a supermarket and inside they are white or even green. Is this normal and why does it occur?

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  • that is the right color!!! when they are baked or cooked, the pigment from the skin seeps in and dyes the inside so thats why it is purpley

  • The ones you´re talking about is not the real blueberrys. I live in Denmark/Sweden were they grow. The insides are suppossed to be some kind of dark Blue/purple colour. those you´re telling bout we call multebær. Multebær is easir to grow so the industri takes them instead of the real ones. Blueberrys and multebær are in close relationship but the taste is different though. Personally I prefer blueberrys and not multebær.

    from a happy Dane.

    sorry about the grammar.

  • What the guy above me said is correct. If they are any other color than a dark purple or blueish with maybe some red, it means they are not ripe yet. If you place them in a brown paper grocery bag and put them away in a cupboard for a few days they should be good to go. Just remember blueberries are like most other fruits they are picked when they are not ripe because if you pick blue berries when they are ripe and expect to ship them around the world they wouldn’t make it to their destination without getting either smashed or turning bad. Good luck.

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  • When they’re raw they should be greenish on the inside. White is something I have never come across. Cooked they should be dark purple

  • i work at market basket

    it means they arent ripe yet, eat them in a day or two, when fully ripe they are fully blue

    same with other fruit, like kiwi, the middle is hard until ripe

  • either a kinda clear colour or maybe green if not yet ripe sometimes yellowie

  • They should be a lighter shade of blue on the inside.

  • I was wondering the same thing! I ate them while they were green though, didn’t realise lol

    They tasted ok though, but thanks for clearing that up! Glad I’m not the only one who didn’t know

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