What comes after “Primary” and “Secondary”? Is it “Thirdary”?

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Just wondering is there even is anything after “secondary”.

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  • The word is Tertiary, with comes from the Greek for three, not the Arabic, which sounds much more like ‘three’ … I’ve heard it pronounced as ‘terta’ am not even sure the person speaking actually knew any Greek … try doing a search to find out the origin of the word tertiary … but I DO know that is the proper word. The next, by the way, is quaternary …

  • What Comes After Tertiary

  • Tertiary

  • Tertiary means third.

  • It’s primary, secondary, and tertiary.

    (pronounced tur-shuh-ree)

    it means third in place. (which makes sense lol)

    hope i helped 🙂

  • The word for ‘thirdary’ is tertiary. Sorry, it’s not ‘thirdary’ but good guess.

  • Tertiary ……

    Primary, secondary, tertiary…….

  • Primary is your main source of power.

    Secondary is your “back up” source, in case of failure.

    Your second back up, would also be a secondary back up.

    That is why it is called “plan-B.”

    Now, that wasn’t to hard to understand. <}:-})

  • tertiary.

    pronounced tersh-eeary

  • =) Tertiary

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