What company is located at P.O. Box 24410 Omaha, Nebraska 68124-0410?

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i want to know what company sent me something in the mail. the address is P.O. Box 24410 Omaha Nebraska 68124-0410.

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  • First National Credit. They are scam artists; do a search on them and see for yourself: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%22first+nati…

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  • I received something in the mail as well. It was claiming to be my new PIN number for a card that was recently sent to me. There was no company name on the envelope or anywhere inside.

    I did not apply for a new line of credit, let alone receive any card in the mail. The scary thing? The PIN number that they issued me was a PIN that I’m already using!!!

    I definitely will be investigating this.

  • http://creditcardforum.com/blog/merrick-bank-credit-card/

    This website reviews Merrick Bank, the sender of the P.O. Box 24410, Omaha, Nebraska (NE) mailings, objectively and fairly. Various Banks and credit card companies often share the same return address (this, known from preparing bankruptcy reports for court causes, as a legal assistant/intern).

    The Bank takes opportunities to scam people who like to keep balances on credit cards, but this is something most creditors do, which is why they up credit limits and offer so many “minimum payment” amounts.

    While sheisty, Merrick Bank can also be good for consumers with bad credit to re-establish credit, if they are careful and enroll in online bill pay and constantly monitor their payments and balance.

    The MasterCard and Visa credit lines are no different than other “bad-credit” credit cards and Banks.

    Other answers, which came up on my Google, were unnecessarily alarming… Even tho the topic closed like 6 years ago.

    Source(s): http://creditcardforum.com/blog/merrick-bank-credit-card/
  • It is not a scam for one. If you search the number, as I did, it is Merrick Bank. You probably applied and got accepted for A Merrick credit card. I got a Merrick Bank credit card and the number on the PIN number letter is 18777276881 which is Merrick Bank’s customer service. So whoever said it is a scam is wrong

  • Hello everyone it is from Warren federal credit union. I got the same letter and called them up and asked why dont they put a name on the letter they had no answer.

  • I would say look at the paper…..or envelope that should be able to tell you something.

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