What do hairdressers put in their spray bottle when they are cutting your hair? ?

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I know it’s not just water because it has a slight smell and makes your hair behave nicely for them. You can never get the same results at home…

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  • I’m a punk rocker, so the typical ingredients found in hairdressers spray bottle may include (but are not limited to) bleedin’ Watney’s Red Barrel, gob, wee wee, egg whites, and bits of glass.

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  • Yep it’s serum, very little makes your hair shine a lot so about 2 or 3 squirts of it mixed in water and brushed through your hair with a comb makes your hair beautiful and no frizz and it makes it last longer, serum is only in small pump containers and quite expensive so you have to make it last longer, it’s quite so it’s why it still works in water, so if you want buy a little spray bottle, put a some water in (not too much though) and pump a bit of the serum inside, shake the spray bottle and it will last you a lot longer.

  • If I’m cutting somebody’s hair it’s only water that goes in my spray bottle but all stylist’s are different and it could be that they are using a product for smoothing your hair. The next time you visit ask them what is in their spray bottle and they will probaly be more than happy to tell you as it is probably a product from the range that they sell in the salon. Hope I helped! x

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  • My hairdresser usually mixes water and a bit of serum – apparently it stops the serum making your hair greasy but is enough to prevent frizzy etc while they are drying and styling. It also keeps it from drying out while the cut.

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  • I have put in a liquid detangler in mine. It helps get the knots out and wets the hair down in one step.

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  • It’s only water.

  • fragrant water.

  • sea salt.. water… other stuff

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