What do I do if someone takes a picture of my license plate?

I was driving and I had to merge over and when I did a lady got out of her car and took a picture of my car and license plate. I don’t know what will happen or what I should do. Help??

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  • Gee, a STILL shot of my license plate! I’d worry about as much as I would if McDonald’s forgot ketchup on my burger from the Dollar Menu.

    I knew a lady years ago that tried to say that she was being stalked and “followed” by another woman. All the pictures she took were from behind the “stalker’s” car. The judge said, “How can she be following, from in FRONT of you?”

    I wouldn’t worry at all, really. In fact, if I had someone taking a picture of my license plate, I may jump out and take a picture of them taking a picture of my car! Hahahahaaha

  • Smile? Wave? Ignore it? It is not illegal to take a photo of you, the car, the license plate, the tires, etc. What are you afraid of? If you were driving and merging how did you have time to notice this photo being taken? What else are you not saying and how do you know she took a photo? Plates are exhibited to anyone that cares to look. What if you see someone writing something? Do you assume it is your plate number? What were you doing? Are you that bad of a driver?

  • She can notify the police, but absolutely nothing will happen. The police don’t like other people doing their job. Besides that, the police don’t like to be used to enforce a personal vendetta against another person. She can’t get any info on your car with just the license plate number – it’s invasion of privacy. Releasing your address to a stranger can leave a huge liability suit against the city if that lady is mentally unstable and she injures you due to excessive PMS issues.

  • I wouldn’t worry about it unless you actually made contact with the woman’s car.

    What I don’t understand is having to merge and the lady getting out of her car. I assume you were stopped at that point for some reason?

  • NOTHING! Did you cut in front of her with no turn signal??? If you ticked her off she took a pic of your license plate and probably called the cops…who’ll do NOTHING!!! They have more to worry about with REAL accidents. It made the lady feel good to take the pic and VENT to the cops is all. NOTHING will happen…a phone call from the police maybe…but I doubt it.

  • It’s probably not a big deal at all. One additonal reason she did it was that maybe she was collecting states on license plates and wanted to show the other players that she got your state.

  • Nothing. That lady might or might not go to the police with her story and the cops will do nothing. There was no accident, there is no story.

    Try to avoid cutting people off in the future however.

  • She may want to complain about your driving, but it will go nowhere. She can’t write tickets.

  • SMILE and put YOUR face in the picture.

    NOTHING will happen. Relax.

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