What do tatiana mean in Spanish?

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  • According to Wikipedia “Tatiana” is of Roman origin meaning “fairy queen” which in Spanish is “reina de las hadas”.

  • Determined this: The lady’s title Tatiana t(a)-tia-na is pronounced tah-sh’-AHN-ah. It’s of Russian and Latin starting place. Female form of Tatius, a Roman loved ones clan name. A king through this name was stated to have reigned over the Sabines and the Romans with the legendary Romulus. Additionally a saint’s identify. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg named her second daughter Tatiana. See additionally Tiana. Actress Tatyana Ali; opera megastar Tatiana Troyannos. Tatiana has eleven variant varieties: Tania, Tanya, Tati, Tatianna, Tatie, Tatijana, Tatiyana, Tatjana, Tatyana, Tatyanna and Tonya The meaning of the name Tatiana is Fairy Queen The starting place of the identify Tatiana is Russian

  • Tatiana is just a name; it doesn’t mean anything in Spanish, nor does it come from Spanish. I believe Tatiana is more of a Russian name in origin, or something like that. It isn’t Spanish though.

  • Its just a name

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