What do these Nirvana lyrics mean? “She eyes me like a Pisces when i am weak”…from Heart Shaped Box?

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what does the openning line from Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” mean?

“She eyes me like a pisces when i am weak”


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  • Most likely due to the fact that Kurt was a Pisces.

    “She eyes me” means she was looking at him.

    “Like a Pisces” In the sense that Kurt was a true Pisces, all of the charactreistics associated with that sign, he embodied, and she was noticing them.

    “When I am weak” Kurt was suffering from severe heroin addiction at the time, and was weakened by it.

    That’s the best I got.

  • Nirvana Lyrics Heart Shaped Box

  • Apparently he found Courtney’s love letters from Billy Corgan, which she saved in a heart-shaped box. He was consumed with jealousy and wrote the song in only a couple of hours

  • Pisces are very empathetic people, who can see through your soul and into your emotions and who you truly are. So Kurt probably meant that something or someone can look into his soul when he is feeling weak and vulnerable.

  • “She” refers to drugs. Cobain had a weakness for drugs (addiction) and Pisces can see your weaknesses. (Pisces is also mentioned in his suicide note by the way). “When you turn black” was the black tar drug, it is cancer and is like a magnet trap (think about the addiction, you want it and can t escape). “Priceless advice” was the things he did when he was intoxicated.

  • Cobain’s lyrics were always strange. They were personal so i dont think anyone could ever really know. Nirvana is awesome though.

  • Those lyrics were written in a heroin induced haze, who knows.

  • sounds like she sees right through him…???

  • It means Cobain was on drugs and had no clue how to write a decent song.

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