what do you do while a guy eats you out?

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hey so i really wana guy to eat me out. but idk what to do while he does it? what position am i in? and like do i close my eyes or watch him i dotn wana a freak doing wierd things while he does it

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  • Girls all like different things. So one thing you can do is tell him what feels good and what doesn’t. Holding onto his hair can be a big turn on, and moaning your approval will definitely make it hotter for him. Depending on how adventurous you are, you could roll onto your belly, and tell him to keep going. But the best way to do it as far as I’m concerned, is to be in a 69 position, with you on top, and just rub that kitty into his face to make it feel good to YOU!

    Source(s): Yum. I got excited while writing this.
  • Well your not gonna text on your phone.. It’s gonna obviously tickle while he’s eating out your vag (licking) so you probably gonna laugh or get really turned on…

    Just saying!

    Hope this kinda helps!

  • Check tumblr on your phone.

  • Finally a hood question lol.!

  • moan and hold your legs apart ƒᴀʀтher and close your eyes

  • you’re overthinking it way tooo muchh!.. just run your hands through his hair ( if he has hair).. that’ll let him know you’re really enjoying it..

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Also Check This  what the song called that goes”your standing still and i wanna make you move” somthing like that…it m

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