What do you say to someone who’s convalescencing, beyond “get well soon”, “how are you feeling” and..

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..”what did the Dr. say”?

If you were in the hospital recovering from major surgery what sort of coversation would you want to hear form your friends and family?

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  • In that situation I may not feel like my normal self, so the less demands that are made on me the better. Just show support and care and don’t talk too much.

  • I would let them do the talking and just listen. Offer your advice if they have questions or offer help if they need. Most often it is needing someone to listen and not be preachy about what you should be doing. If you are sending a card a Thinking of You card is always best. There are also cards specifically for people who had surgery.

  • about what is going on in the outside world

    gossip, what is happening in the neighborhood – YOU have to do most of the talking, and you can ask, what would you like to hear about.

    and i would want someone to bring me a magazine called GAMES that has puzzles and word problems and such.

    also, bring a pen, some pencils, and a clipboard – and a notepad.

  • I’ve been thinking of you a lot today

    What can I bring you/how can I help you during your hospital stay ( or if they are home , while you recover?)?

    Take flowers over and say, ” thought these might brighten your day”

  • well, I would like them to say positive things about me and not to focused too much on what has happened to me. Also try to motivate me like saying: “after you get well we’ll go to ……” or “once you get well I’ll buy you this….” or things like that so that I have a reason to get well. Its proven scientifically that positive thoughts will heal you no matter what kind of sickness you have so having a positive family would be great.

  • I would want the person to talk about everything but How are you feeling, what’d the doctor say , etc. I wouldnt mind if they asked , but I wouldn’t want to dwell on it. I’d want to talk about stuff that we’d normally talk about if I wasn’t in the hospital, and I’d want to have someone make me laugh.

  • Something funny like – Did you hear about the duck that walked into a drug store? He told the druggist, “Give me some chapstick and put it on my bill.”

  • It is the wish of every person to be effective in all his undertakings. Everybody wishes to have a good life without any fears and anxiety.

  • DIbbs!

  • just be caring 🙂

    conversation wise : just be yourself

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