What do you think about homeschool?

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  • Homeschooling is awesome!

    I homeschooled the last two years of high school due to bullies at school.

    My parents didn’t help me at all though. My dad doesn’t believe in homeschooling and my mom was too busy with work.

    But that’s okay, they suck at teaching. When I had homework in elementary school, and one of them tried to help me, they would usually wind up making me cry by fussing at me for not knowing something.  :/ 

    I eventually stopped telling them I didn’t have any homework.

    My homeschool was all done through the mail. Computers weren’t that mainstream at the time. I would do the work and my mom would mail it to the school for me. That’s all I did.

    I didn’t miss school at all, I didn’t have any friends at school anyway. Homeschooling was waaaay better!

  • I was homeschooled and now I’m getting ready to graduate from college. Being homeschooled help me stay close to my family, gave me practice with self-motivation,  and gave me the opportunity to learn some of what I wanted. Finally, my educated helped give a lifelong love of learning. I will say it’s not for everyone. Parents have to stay on top of their kids’ education. There’s a lot more responsibility on their part. 

  • I think it is a great option for some parents and students. When my kids were growing up the church we attended had a several families that homeschooled. This was before everyone had a computer.  There were some great curriculums out there to buy. 

    I homeschooled my son for two years, when I put him back into public school he was way ahead in math and history.  I enjoyed having him at home. If he enjoyed a subject we could take the time to study it more in-depth. If he struggled with a subject we could slow down and take more time learning it. I learned how he learned, this help tremendously later when I would help him with his homework from school. He was more apt to come to me for help too. I think that is a huge benefit from homeschooling.

    We had many resources in my area. Our local park had a small museum that gave science classes for homeschools kids. That had a huge Park with animals and ponds to have hands on learning. We went on field trips to zoo, museums, aquarium. I could get all of our lessons done in 2-3 hours each day , plus time for him to read. We then had time for science experiments or art projects. 

    Homeschooling to me is NOT sitting your kid down in front of a computer. It is working none on one with them.  And having the time to explore other learning experiences 

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