What do you think of Gordon Ramsay ?

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23 Answers

  • Just another Gutter Mouth who has an ego Problem

  • A Foul-Mouthed Nobody who needs to swear to get Noticed

  • Not in any way qualified to comment on his catering ability, so I will not make a bloody idiot of myself by pretending that I do. I would suggest that some others should adopt a similar attitude. 

    He very obviously likes things ton operate smoothly, and when they don’t has a tendency to eventually lose his rag.  I think that in similar circumstances we would all eventually do the same.  It is very difficult to find a good excuse for continual sloppy workmanship, and if you experience sloppy workmanship as a customer, would you be so tolerantly understanding ?   I think not.

  • a Gutter mouth who’s mother should have washed his mouth out with Carbolic soap

    he is so Ugly I won’t use any eating establishment related to his name

  • idk why everyone is mad at him yelling but when he doesnt yell dillusional restaurant managers have his words go through one ear and out the other

  • He is a fake who can’t cook any better then a burger king teenager . 

  • No, Much i don’t care how good he thinks he is his Guttermouth is Not necessary

    Jamie Oliver has a Nicer Personality and Know how to cook real food that is why he does so well in Australia

  • He’s a wonderful chef, but a very irascible human being; at least on his television shows. 

  • I love Gordon! He might yell a lot, but he only does it when concerning the safety of other people. When he dines in at restaurants, he is genuinely nice to the waiters, which is something not a lot of celebrities do. He’s very,,, assertive however, when it comes to chefs that cook food for people in a dirty or unsafe way. When it comes to the well-being of others, I think Gordon has every right to be a bit anal. Although I think kitchen nightmares is staged, when people undercook food or make food in a dirty kitchen, they should get smoked by Gordon Ramsey. When he isn’t working on Kitchen Nightmares, he is very down to earth. He is nice to the children on cooking shows, and he seems chill on his home cooking shows. I

  • I think he is excessively  foul mouthed and that he wants to make EVERY place a “gastropub”.

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