What do you think of grilled cheese sandwiches?

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  • I like grilled cheese once in awhile, not often because I don’t buy bread as often as I should because then I’d eat bread more than I should.  A loaf of sandwich bread is typically enough for 7-10 sandwiches depending on the quality.  If I buy a loaf of bread I make one or two grilled cheese and then end up eating the rest of the bread like an animal, right out of the bag.  It’s really pointless for me to buy anything I like that is ready-to-eat unless I plan on eating it within a day or two of buying it… and I don’t usually plan on eating a loaf of bread so I don’t buy it.     

  • Oh, THE best!   I like them with pickles.  Or tomatoes.  Or plain.  I just love them!  Sometimes if I want to feel fancy I put a little grated cheese on the outside of the bread and let me tell ya…..YUM.

  • I think they’re hot especially with a side of tomato soup 

  • Love grilled cheese. Plain or with tomato or ham. Yum!

  • I like them, I like to add some sliced onion or some thin sliced ham in with the cheese too.

  • Overrated for the most part but nice on a cold day when you are out of ideas for a meal and have some tomato soup on hand.

  • Delicious!!!!!!!!             

  • Don’t know. Never made one. Still waiting for Gordon Ramsay to give me a recipe. 

  • To be honest, I don’t really think of them.

  • 🥴

    Never liked them. 

    Until I saw how professional chefs make theirs. 


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