What does “0 for 6” or “0 for 2” mean?

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When I was watching baseball on tv they said one of the players is 0 for 3 or 2 for 1. What does this mean?

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  • It refers to recent batting success. It is doubtful you actually heard 2 for 1, though! I don’t think you can have two hits on one at bat.

    An actual hit is considered a batted ball that gets past the defense and allows the runner to reach base – 1st, 2nd 3rd or all the way home.

    Sometimes, batters “hit” the ball but either fly out (caught in the air) or are thrown out at 1st. This would not be a hit. Other times, they hit the ball and it is misplayed by the defense, allowing the runner to reach base. Again, this is not considered a hit, but an error. So in short, the runner can get to base and still be 0 for 6, technically.

    Clear as mud?

  • 0 For 3

  • When they say 0 for 6 that means the 6 times they got up to bat They got no hits. The first number means the amount of hits they have in the game and the second number means the amount of times they came up to bat in that game. So there is no possible way for a player to go 2 for 1

  • 0 for 6 means that in 6 at-bats, you got 0 hits.

    And you can’t go 2 for 1…that would mean that in one plate appearance you had 2 hits.

    So let’s say I had 4 at-bats in a game, and I hit 2 singles in the game. That would mean I went 2-4 in the game.

  • 0 for 6 or 0 for 2 means that the number on the right is how many at bats they had so far in the game and on the left is how many hits they have.

  • 0-6 means they have gone up the bat 6 times and total 0 hits after those at bats

    If it was 2 for 6 then it would mean you got up 6 times, and totaled 2 hits after those at bats

  • in Baseball, 0 for 6 means to have zero hits in 6 at bats. 0 for 2 means zero hits in two at bats.

    Source(s): Honest Yankees Fan.
  • 0 for 3 means they go up to bat 3 times and dont get a hit.

  • the 0 stands for that they didn’t do anyting when they were up at bat and the other number for example lets say is 6 that means they have been up at bat 6 times so —- 0-6 that player didnt do anything in 6 at bats!

  • Everyone already answered your 0 for 6 question and told you 2 for 1 is impossible, so I was wondering if maybe you remember hearing “2 and 1”? If that’s what you heard, that’s the count for the at bat – two balls and one strike.

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