What does a fully loaded car mean?

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And what does a out of door mean?

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  • Fully loaded is how full of ѕнι𝓉 the car salesman is.

    Out the door is where you should head if you wanna negotiate the price lower.

  • I don’t know what out of door means but fully loaded means it comes with all the extras, things that you would have to pay extra for if it was factory direct.

  • ‘OUT-THE DOOR’ means that it is a no haggle price which includes, tax license, destination and dealer prep costs included. In other words, no hidden fees, charges, taxes etc…

    “FULLY LOADED” simply means that the vehicle was built with all the available luxury options. These options used to include power steering and brakes, but they are now standard equipment on 99% of vehicles now.

    So the list has changed over time.

    Even so, this is usually what fully loaded includes (not comprehensive and not available on every vehicle, but it is a fairly good list of what is available on many vehicles):

    1. Automatic transmission

    2. the most powerful engine available (or perhaps hybrid, these days)

    3. the best audio system choice

    4. power and or heated seat(s) with adjustment memory

    5. power windows

    6. power door locks

    7. rear window wiper

    7. rear window defroster

    8. air conditioning (with dual or more zone control, if available)

    9. leather

    10. sun/moon/t-top

    11. GPS or DVD based guidance/mapping system

    12. additional cigarette lighter-type power outlets

    13. auto adjust/activation headlights/rearview mirror

    14. cruise control (possibly active)

    15. voice active radio/phone control

    16. on-star or other cell-based emergency-aid system

    17. DVD player

    18. multiple zone air bag systems

    19. variable rate stearing

    20. anti-lock brakes (ABS)

    21. upgraded wheels/bodywork/wings/paint schemes

    22. optional digital dashboard/instrumentation

    23. optional interior lighting

    24. parking assist sensors/cameras

    25. towing packages (hitch and wiring and/or braking system)

    26. off road or sport suspensions

    27. xenon headlights

    28. full size spare

    29. remote locks

    30. remote start

    31. passive anti-theft system

    32. alarm (not the same as anti-theft, which disables the car)

    33. LoJack type system

    34. active suspension/handling control

    I cannot think of anything else right now, but I will update it if I remember others

  • A loaded car means it has all the little extras air ,stereo,electric windows , all that sort of stuff and out the door means no hidden stuff on the price say it says 99.99 out the door, that’s excatly what it will take to leave.

  • Fully loaded means it has all the possible options.

    Out of door? hard to say without context….maybe outside, or referring to the action of the sale taking place (you walking out the door with the car).

  • Fully loaded means that it has every possible option on it…

    I think the out-of-door price means without all the typical incentives.

  • Fully loaded means it comes with all available options. Not sure about the out of door, though! (Aren’t ALL cars intended for out of doors??? LOL!) JK!

  • fully loaded means it has all the extras. power lockes and windows, cd/dvd player, sound system,heated seats,rims, ect.

  • It means that the car has all of the equipment/options that are offered with that model (all-wheel drive, sun roof, cruise control, leather interior, premium sound system, etc.)

  • fully loaded……all the bell,s & whistle,s……………all the option,s! out of the door…………reffer,s to the cost to take it home [ out of their door]……

    Source(s): 40+ year,s wrenching.

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