What Does A Gladiator/American Doberman Mean?

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i am looking to buy a pure breed doberman.. the seller told me it was pure bread with half gladiaor and half american.. what does this mean

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  • What a bullʂɧ.ıɬ piece of marketing that was!!!

    No such thing as a gladiator or goliath Doberman.

    It would anethma for a repsponsible breeder to label dogs of their breeding gladiator {really trying not to ɡɑɡ here}. Function first & foremost, that the dogs should be bred to be fit for the function the breed was originally created for, as family & personal protection breed. Marketing the fact the breeder breeds against the standard to create an over sized dog as a positive thing, really is amazing…..

    Such a breeder should be ashamed of helping to flush a great breed further down the toilet.

    Find a responsible breeder by contacting the Doberman Club.

  • Gladiator Doberman

  • It meas the so-called breeder knows squat about Dobermans and has no business breeding. There are no Gladiator, Warlock or King Dobermans. Period.

    If you tell anyone that has Doberman experience that you have a ‘Gladiator’ Doberman, you will either get cussed out or laughed at.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    What Does A Gladiator/American Doberman Mean?

    i am looking to buy a pure breed doberman.. the seller told me it was pure bread with half gladiaor and half american.. what does this mean

  • There is NO such thing as a Gladiator/Warlock Dobe. All those advertising ploys are made up by idiots who expect uneducated buyers to fall for them. The same thing goes for the House of Hoytt or Kimbertal Kennels. If someone has to advertise their crap that strongly, all they want is $$$$$$$$ from YOU! If you really want a Dobe, Google DPCA and look for a breeder in your area. They have a TON of information on their website on how to look for a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders breed to the standard! They don’t make robots. I have to say in all the years I was in Dobes, this is the first time I’ve heard of a Gladiator! What will these azzhole breeders come up with next! The ALBINOS are already bad enough! Buyer BEWARE!

    Add: Thank you Rottie for posting a very good website!

    Source(s): Use to show and breed Dobes for 25 years. Former DPCA member.
  • Sorry but its a bad breeder.

    The Gladiator Doberman myth

    There is no such thing as a “Gladiator” Doberman. At least not in any

    responsible, uniform application of the word. Unethical/unscrupulous

    breeders have coined this term to describe what is typically an oversized,

    often poorly bred Doberman. Other names used to market these dogs are

    “king”, “Warlock”, “Superior”, “Excelsior” and “Gentle Giant”. In some cases

    these dogs are not even purebred Dobermans but have had other breeds

    such as the Great Dane thrown in to increase size. Sometimes these dogs

    weigh 110 pounds or more. This not only increases the prospect of health

    problems but also hinders the dogs ability to work and do the job it was bred


    As called for in the standard, the Doberman was intended to be a medium

    sized dog. Bred to a mathematical principle of squareness, the Doberman

    was meant to be a fast and agile short backed galloper. Increasing their size

    only limits their agility and their ability to make short, fast turns. However, in

    keeping with the all too common belief that “Bigger is Better”, there is a

    market for oversize Dobermans and they continue to be bred. The best way

    to avoid such scams is to do your research and don’t just buy the first puppy

    you find. ANY dog can have health problems but you can lower the risk by

    finding a reputable breeder. One that knows the breed standard and breeds

    in accordance with it and does the proper health testing prior to breeding.

    The correct height for a Doberman Pinscher is 26 to 28 inches for males and

    24 to 26 inches for females as measured at the withers. The FCI or

    European standard is almost identical to this. The European standard also

    refers to the Doberman as a medium sized dog. To intentionally breed

    outside of the standard not only discards over a century of dilligent,

    purposeful breeding but invites unwelcome, deleterious health effects on

    such a wonderful breed. All breeding of any breed should always be done by

    a knowledgeable professional whose main ambition is to improve the breed

    and not by someone whose only goal is to make a quick buck or just thinks

    puppys are cute.

  • its a doberman pincher ummm but one is a gladiator doberman and one is american doberman. now someone breed them to breeds so its a gladiator/american doberman i can think of the right words

  • See this article:


    They are readily admitting that their dog is poorly bred, on purpose, and hoping that is what you want. I hope not.

  • It means they are a lousy crap breeder who can’t breed to the goddamn standard and hopes you are too thick to realize you are paying for high quality but getting crap. If you want a well bred dobe go through the breed club. http://dpca.org/breed/breed_referral.htm

  • It “means” that it’s CRAP,made by an ignorant crooked BYB LIAR!

    Those words are just CROOK-SPEAK to scam the gullible ꜱᴜcκers.

    RUN away!

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