what does a penny with a hole in it represent?

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i was working the other day and a man came up to me and handed me a penny with a hole in the center of it and walked away.

i was just wondering if this represents anything (good luck, bad luck, etc) or anything else in different cultures.

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  • it is rare to find such a thing, and some superstitious people believe that it is good luck to find something rare, specially when it comes to money!

    I think the reward is the feeling of seeing something you never saw before, and that rush of amazement and curiosity just flows through you into a widening smile.

  • A penny with a hole in it does not represent anything special as far as I know. When you find a penny it usually means good luck will come to you.

    The guy is making penny charms by drilling holes in pennies. Wear the charm around your neck for luck.

  • Did he know you? Maybe he was saying ‘you’re hopeless…like a penny with a hole in it.’ Just like the song says. But I doubt it was positive or a sign of good luck. Look up the song lyrics by Dionne Farris, you’ll see.

  • It generally means that the person who had it before didn’t have enough to do.

  • This has a lot of info on the topic


  • A hole in one.

    (cent, that is) 😛

    Lady Astarte beat me to it.

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