what does acid look like? (The drug)?

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and like what does it mean to grind your teeth when taking esctasy

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  • it comes in many different forms. Paper, liquid, gel tabs ect… All of which are very dangerous. Did you know that one hit or dose of acid can kill you. To grind your teeth means exactly what it sounds like. Your jaw slowly moves back and fourth or from side to side and your jaw is clenched tightly shut so your teeth grind together. This can make your jaw sore and ruin your teeth. It can be fun to take these drugs but both are very dangerous. I have in my past taken both drugs, and yes I did have fun but I now know how seriously dangerous they can be. I lost a friend to a bad Acid (also know as LSD) trip. So I no longer am a user and I don’t suggest using!!

    Hallucinogens affect your heart. The use of hallucinogens leads to an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Hallucinogens can put you in a coma. They can also cause heart and lung failure. Hallucinogens affect your well-being. The use of hallucinogens may change the way you feel emotionally. They may cause you to feel confused, suspicious, and disoriented. Use of PCP may interfere with hormones related to normal growth as well as with the learning process. Hallucinogens affect your self-control. The impact of hallucinogens varies from time to time, so there is no way to know how much self-control you might maintain. They can cause you to mix up your speech, lose control of your muscles, make meaningless movements, and do aggressive or violent things.

    I know no one will stop you from trying it if that is what you want to do. So if you are going to do it make sure you are completely informed. And remain close to a hospital just in case. Make sure you trust who you are with when you do the drug. Follow tips on the following sites I gave you to help minimize the chance of a bad trip or to help get through a bad trip if you have one. Be careful!!!!!!!!

  • What Is Acid Drug

  • This Site Might Help You.


    what does acid look like? (The drug)?

    and like what does it mean to grind your teeth when taking esctasy

  • i think acid is clear so normally it goes onto a small peice of paper then dried, sometimes they put pictures on the paper, i think. I’ve seen people on esctasy who like to chew gum or have a lollipop because the adrenalin rush is making everything go fast and must be a reaction to the drug that makes your teeth grind, i think.

  • acid can come in many different forms, such as liquid, on blotter paper, in food, or in a pill. It doesnt really look like anything though, since it is a chemical. Grinding your teeth while on ecstacy doesnt mean anything, people just do it because it feels good because their senses are altered while on the drug

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    It’s a clear liquid that it odorless and tasteless, but they typically put it on pieces of paper that look like very small stamps, they typically have designs on them (each design is significant to the brand). It can also be mixed with other illicit drugs (i.e. marijuana) They also put it behind postage stamps on letters if it is being sent to detention facilities/prisons to smuggle it in.

  • to keep it simple…ecstacy has an “upper” component to it, like speed (amphetamine).

    It gives you a lot of energy to go and dance all night, but a side effect is jaw clenching and grinding of teeth.

    Acid can be put in lots of things, piece of paper, tablet, liquid.

  • acids looks like a rectangular candy or gum, or like liquids, or powder, or pills, it have several presentations

    what does it means????

    u grind ur teeth cuz MDMA drugs are psychedelic stimulants and produce a lot of anxiety

  • I have no idea what it looks like , but you can search Images on Google or Yahoo.

    Type in “Images of Drug Acid”.

    As for the grinding of teeth…i have no idea.

  • acid can come in powder, pill, or liquid solution just like most organic molecules.

    Grinding your teeth is what it sounds like…using the jaw muscles to clamp your teeth together and grind them.

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