What does Ah Von Guard mean?

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I’m not sure if I’m spelling this correctly or not but, in Art what does the phrase Ah Von Guard mean? For instance if someone were to say, “That picture is Ah Von Guard.”

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  • “Avant-garde” (French)

    Avant-garde represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm.

    I guess you could say that; however, I think it might be more accurate to say that “So and So” is an avant-garde artist.

  • Au Von Guard

  • Avant-Garde

    The French word for vanguard. A group or work that is innovative or inventive on one or more levels: subject, medium, technique, style, or relationship to context.

    An avant-garde work pushes the known boundaries of acceptable art sometimes with revolutionary, cultural, or political implications.

    Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali can be good examples.

  • Avant Garde is the correct spelling. It means very radical. Some what to the left of center. Something not viewed by the masses.

  • avant-garde-before guard -nnovative, especially in the arts

  • avant garde

    it’s the group on the leading edge of innovation and technique, typically in the arts

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