what does “all rights belong to their respective owners”mean when it’s on youtube?

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I saw it written in the description section of a video for the pilot of a tv show.what exactly does it mean?

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  • Different parts of the video may be the property of different people or companies, each one of which has the intellectual property rights (copyrights mostly) to their parts.

    I don’t know if YouTube will accept that as satisfying their property rights rules. Just acknowledging someone’s copyright, even explicitly, which this disclaimer does not do, doesn’t automatically confer the right to use the material. The owner might still object, and that’s what YouTube wants to avoid.

    Hope that helps.

  • If you are using copyright materials, it is better to acknowledge it using the sentence you described above, but remember that it doesn t legally entitle you to have the right use it. If you need to use copyrighted materials to make a parody video, or for criticism , or to make an educative video, then you are entitled to use any copyrighted materials under the fair use act (well that s in the US, in some countries it might be different). Write the following sentence will help you enforce your right: All materials used for making this video, are for parodying and/or criticizing and/or for education purpose, and therefore, we acknowledge in good faith that, the content here meets the legal requirements for fair use or fair dealing under applicable copyright laws. I strongly recommend to put this at the beginning of the video and/or under any materials you are using so to strengthen your rights.

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  • Copyright.

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