What does Allah yisalimik mean?

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  • Allah ysalmik (for a female) or ysalmak (for male) is the response you give when someone tells you salamtik. Salamtik means “may you have peace” but is used when someone is hurt or ill, or when someone says give my “salam” for example to your family, you say also Allah ysalmik. Allah ysalmik is the response which means “may God give you peace”

  • Allah Ysalmak

  • May Allah Protect You..!

  • It looks like Turkish – look for a translation site like Babelfish, that does Turkish-English.

  • looks like it says…. ‘all of you sell a mic’ (microphone)

    possibly with a newcastle, or north east accent.

    it is a common phrase used in the hifi and stereo section or both currys and dixons stores in the morning sales meeting.

  • i don’t know Arabic but i it sounds like ‘praise god’ to me as in Maltese that would be Sliem Ghalik Alla and that sounds similar to me

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