what does “amorsita” mean?

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7 Answers

  • my love = mi amor

    mi amorcita = my love + diminutive + female

    my little love

    Source(s): Mother tongue
  • It’s not correct Spanish though. I’d call my girlfriend “amorcito”, as there is no distinction (same as in the English noun “Love,” as in “hello love, how are you?”)

    Source(s): Well, I’m a native Spanish speaker and I read quite a lot…
  • It actually should be amorcito because amor is a masculine noun. My husband calls me “amorcito” all the time.

  • My little love when directed to a female

    Amorsito is to a male

  • It’s reffering to a girl as “love”, usually, but not limited to, a fatherly way.

  • Beloved little woman (or girl).

  • my little love

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