What does anuie mean in japanese?

I know it has to do something with the family like otou haha Onii onee aniki does anuie mean respected elder sister or younger siste

3 Answers

  • Anuie-sama Japanese term for brother. Proper form.

    Aneue-sama Japanese term for sister. Proper form.

    Ani Common Japanese term for big brother.

    Ani-chama Abnormal term meaning big brother.

    Anigimi-sama Abnormal Japanese term for brother, probably very archaic.

    AnikiNormal Japanese term for big brother.

    Ani-kun Abnormal Japense term for brother. This term is a bit of a contridiction as Ani means older brother and -kun is used for people younger than you.

    Japanese names meaning brother – oni-chan, oni-sama, oni-chama, oni-tama, ani, anigimi-sama, anuie-sama, ani-kun, ani-chama, aniki, nisama, niya


  • Aniue is an old fashioned and very formal way to say “elder brother.” Aneue is the “elder sister” version.

  • I think Older Sister

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