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What is this a symbol for?

13 Answers

  • It’s a heart, so it means love :3.

  • 3 Meaning In Text Messages

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    What does <3 mean in a text message?

    What is this a symbol for?

  • Hi,

    The symbol is a heart. If you notice and turn your head sideways a little you

    can see that the 3 is the upper portion of the heart and the < is the lower.

  • Love its a heart the 3 is the top and the < it the bottom c look <3 so it means love ♥ 🙂

  • It’s a heart, a mouses head, or a double scoop ice cream cone.

    This is the mouse <3 )~

  • its the symbol for a heart and/or love

    Allot of girls just throw love hearts, ILY’s etc. around like free candy today. Some guys as well……

  • Its a heart which obviously means love and affection or either of the two.

  • It’s a heart symbol. ^^

  • Its a heart

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