what does ba fungul mean in italian?

i want to know what “ba fungul”, “Ah fanabla” mean in a sicilian translation, and i want to know how to say shut the **** up in sicilian. anyone know?

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  • Ok I am not Sicilian but as far as I can read and hear reading

    “ba/va fungul” means “fuc* off”

    “Ah fanabla” means “Fannapoli” which more or less has the same sound in Italian as “va fungul”: we normally say it in order not use the real word “afƒᴀɴcuʟo” which means exactly “fuc* off” .

    It’s like in English: instead of saying “sh*it” you say “sssssugar”

    shut the **** up in Italian is “chiudi il becco – chiudi quella ͼᴀzzo di bocca (this is rude) – tappati la bocca – stai zitto” etc etc……sorry I don’t know in Sicilian

    Source(s): Native Italian – Hope it helps
  • In Italian? Ba Fangul.

  • Ba fungul is the Americanized version of the Italian cuss word “va-fa-in-culo” Literally it means “go do it in your ***” In short, it’s **** you.

  • ba fungul means nothing it s vafƒᴀɴcuʟo you are looking for.

  • That’s meaningless as far as I know. For that, “Zitto!” will suffice.

  • cierre la cogida

  • i dont think the first two words are actually words but this is how you say “shut the f**k up: cierre la cogida… just know that for future refrence if anyone cus’s you out

  • Fu.. off

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