what does ‘blue t-shirt with a logo of a headphone-wearing boy dancing with a cнιcκen’ mean?

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It’s in the book City of Ashes by Cassanda Clare and i was wondering what it meant. XP does anyone know? Thanks!

4 Answers

  • Aparently it means “rock out with your c**k out.”

  • well the cнιcκen is actually a rooster also known as a c̫o̫ςκ. so the shirt means rock out with your c̫o̫ςκ out like Devi said.

  • There is a blue t-shirt.

    On this t-shirt, there is a logo.

    This logo consists of a boy, who is wearing headphones, dancing with a cнιcκen.

  • Do your own homework.

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