What does bury the beef mean?

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It’s from the episode of Friends with benefits. Thank you

6 Answers

  • “bury the beef” can mean two things.

    – two people are stop fighting

    – could be slang for stickin your **** in some pu$$y

  • Define Bury

  • Friends With Benefits Urban Dictionary

  • ‘Beef’ is slang for conflict. If you’re ‘beefing’ with someone, you and them are feuding with each other. “Bury the beef” basically means to call a truce and makeup.

  • Its when you kill a cow. You wouldnt believe how often cows get killed. One minute its just standing in the meadow eatin grass..2 seconds later..BOOM. Landmine.

    Then they gotta pick up the millions and millions of bits of cow, and bury them. Burying the Beef.

  • To end a feud or stop a rivalry.

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