What does “chamiya” exactly mean? In term of introducing a girl as one’s chamiya.?

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I’m not an Indian, of course, not a Hindi speaker. I heared one of my Indian friends described a girl as his chamiya to us. I checked on-line and chamiya means a female club dancer. Does chamiya have extended meaning? If it has, it seems to be some sort of dirty or bad meaning in it, doesn’t it?

so, what are the Hindi words the girl can use to introduce the boy, if she is introduced as a chamiya?

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  • Hi

    the term ‘chamiya’ is a cheap word used especially by the loafers or rowdies in the country India. ‘chamiya’ this term is used to tease girls. which sounds bad and which no girl would like to be called as ‘chamiya’. even if she is carrying on with their BF, otherwise he wuld get a tight rap on his face.

    now the term ‘loafers or rowdies’ is street roadside young boys/man who have nuthin to do in life but juzz roaming around, tease girls, play cards, drink, do drugs, rob, etc etc.. in short they are bad ppl where no educated ppl or sensible ppl who like to mix around with.

    i hope u got the meaning of the word after reading it. also i have briefed u up with another term.

    c u frnd.



  • “Chamiya” is slang to describe a young woman who supposed to be ‘cheap’, ‘hot’, ‘*****’ or ‘item girls’. Mostly used in Bihar, Eastern UP and some parts of Hindi Heartland of India. Off late, it is also being used in Bollywood movies to describe country side ‘item girls’. No educated, cultured woman would like to be described as ‘Chamiya’. Similar slang words used for young woman: “Maal”, “Item”, “Tota”, “Chamak Chhallo”

  • Chammiya

  • Chamiya is used by most of the typical indians to specify his GF. It might be a weird word but it is not that bad.

  • chamiya means a bad word used to tease girls of india who dances in club. it is said by rowdies or mawallies of india

  • Chamiya means girl who is beautiful, crazy and esp. good at dancing…..it was derived from the sound “Cham, Cham” made from the ghungroo, which girls tie on their leg, while dancing,….

    Its referred to address girls – by some in good spirit (for girls who are fun to be with), while some address it in bad spirit (for girls who flirt around etc.,).

    however, its general meaning is girlfriend / dategirl etc.,

  • well it is a bad word in dictionaries of decent people

  • chamia is quoted infomal language by one who isdoing flurting,

    one more sense six helpless mias standing and watching…………..good song in theater

    Source(s): informal word are asset ……………identity

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