what does ending job title mean on an applacation and what does it mean by employer?

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  • Ending job title means what was the title of your position when your employment with that company ended. The application permits you to list more than one position you held with a single company.

  • Ending Job Title

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  • What was your last job title at that employer.

  • The most recent title held on your most current job would be the “ending job title”; Employer would be the name of the company that matches this last job. An Employer is the company that you worked for.

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    Current employer: What is the company you work for now? Current Title: What is your job title? Exampe: Librarian, Cook, Accountant, Sales associate. What do you do?

  • They’re assuming you may have been promoted, or made lateral moves during your tenure with an employer. Starting out as counter help, ending as dayshift manager. List this info for each employer. They don’t care what you started as with employer, just your last title with employer, with each employer.

  • Your “current title” relates to your current job. There you should but your current job title (ie customer service rep, cashier, etc.) If you are not working, but are a student, you can put student there. If you’re not a student, and not working you can write N/A, None, or unemployed there. Good luck!

  • “ending job title” – the job title you had the day you left the job.

    If you work at the same company for several years, you may end up with several different job titles at different points in your career, such as:

    Engineer I

    Engineer II

    Sr. Engineer


    Sr. Manager


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