what does gloryoski mean?

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I’m not sure how it’s spelled … perhaps gloriosky or gloryosky.

3 Answers

  • It’s a very mild exclamation (like “gosh” or “golly”). It was popularized

    many years ago by Little Orphan Annie.

  • Answers above correct, except for the glaring error that it was said by Little Annie Rooney, a competitor comic strip to Little Orphan Annie. Little Annie Rooney frequently said “gloryoski” to her dog, Zero. Hence the expression, “Gloryoski, Zero!” Little Orphan Annie, by contrast, usually said “Leapin’ Lizards” as her exclamation of surprise.

  • Also used by Stephen Sondheim in the lyrics for “Gee, Officer Krupke” from “West Side Story” (Broadway musical 1957, film version 1961).

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