What does Grossly normal mean for a brain MRI?

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My 5 year old son had a brain mri and it says for his pituitary gland that its grossly normal, what does this mean?

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  • Have no idea! Talk to your doctor concerning the results of your son’s test. Who told you his pituitary is

    “grossly normal?”

  • It means its appearance on MRI is normal – and it doesn’t get any better. You are trying to over-interpret a modifier which has no other meaning.

  • It means they didn’t see anything abnormal.

  • Grossly normal means that the larger picture is normal. In medical terminology there is fine and gross. Gross is the larger picture which fine tends to be smaller . It has nothing to do with the term as we know it ‘gross’ Actually the definition of gross in the dictionary is overall, total.

    It means that not only does the Pituitary gland look normal, but everything else in the scan also looked normal.

    Basically he looked specifically at the gland but remarked that everything else looked fine.

  • I think “grossly” means something like “overall”, just looking at the big picture and not the fine details.

  • It’s basically normal.

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