What does H.C.F. stand for as referenced in Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis?

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  • He doesn’t explain in the book, but a quick search indicates that Lewis was referring to the mathematical term “highest common factor”. (This is the same thing as “greatest common divisor”.)

    In the context of “Mere Christianity”, Lewis is using this term to mean those beliefs and practices that all Christians share, but that are not shared by non-Christians. It’s what Lewis considered to be the core of Christianity that remains once the differences between Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodist, Presbyterians, etc., are all stripped away.

    In “Mere Christianity”, Lewis attempts to explain what this HCF or common ground for Christianity actually is.

  • Hcf Cs Lewis

  • This is just a guess… Holy Christian Faith… maybe.

    That would be a reference to the sacrifice gospel preached by Paul. But of course Jesus preached the Kingdom Gospel which was an entirely different thing.

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    Lewis’s poetic fallacies were not enough for me.

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