what does “how you figure?” mean?

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  • it short for how you figure that out, or how you come up with that?

  • How Do You Figure Meaning

  • It is short for “How do you figure that…..”

    As you know, “facts and figures” means= facts and numbers, the math.

    When you ‘figure out’ something, you solve the problem.

    Hence, your question means = How do you mean?

  • Made popular by Clint Eastwood. Not sure exactly which movie maybe Outlaw Jesse Wales 1976

  • the person used bad grammar out of laziness. it’s short for “how do you figure?”, or “why do you think that?”

  • How Do You Figure

  • ” How you figure ? ” is a slightly-illiterate version of ” How did / do you figure ( it out ) ? “

  • “How did you arrive at that conclusion?”.

    “Please explain your analysis”.

  • or, what makes you think that?

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