What does “I am a lone reed.” mean? (from You’ve Got Mail)?

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I am a Japanese who saw the American movie “You’ve Got Mail” Please tell me the real meaning of “a lone reed” repeatedly said by Frank and Kathleen. I know that “reed” is a kind of grasses, but means anything else? Thank you.

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  • Reeds are a plant that grow in marsh areas and they typically grow in clumps. Kathleen on this issue doesn’t have any others with her so she is alone.

  • The term from “You’ve got Mail” is “I Am a Lone Read” ~ Metaphoric in content and a head juggler as well as Greg Kinnear’s character talks to Meg Ryan’s character regarding typewriters, as he already has one, and was compelled to purchase yet another. he loved the humming sound of the typewriter. In their conversation this comes up…and the “Lone Read” phrase is spoken. It to me was hilarious and tho I stand corrected…if you recall the movie, it WAS about books. Hence, the “Lone Read” comment.

    Source(s): I have seen this film countless times as it is light and airy and fun. I am also at the computer a lot. No, I do NOT have a copy of the script, do you?
  • It could mean that, ” the person is alone,(wants to meet you) and they want you to read what they wrote. Hope I helped!

  • one peice of grass

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