What does Iroc-z stand for?

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  • Back in 1973, The International Race of Champions (IROC) was a race comprised of top notch drivers from IRL, NASCAR Winston Cup, NASCAR Busch, World of Outlaws … all sorts of racing … to compete in identical cars and try their driving skills at winning the IROC Championship of the season.

    What did they drive? Oddly enough, for the 1974 season (IROC I), the car of choice was the Porsche Carerra RSR. Due to costs of running the Porsche, IROC went to the Chevrolet Camaro for the 1975 season (IROC II). IROC stuck with the Camaro until 1990, when the Camaro was replaced by the Dodge Daytona.

    Okay, so where does the Camaro IROC-Z tie into this? 1980 was the last season for IROC until it was “reborn” in 1984. For the 1984 season, up until the 1989 season, IROC chose the “newly” designed Camaro Z/28 as their ride. Chevrolet, in turn, had another idea … make a commemorative Camaro model after the IROC series and to celebrate the “rebirth” of the IROC series.

  • IROC stands for international race of champions. At most Nascar events they have a day where all the drivers drive identical cars. The result, the winner really is the best Driver.

    The cars they choose are typically American made and marketed as such ala- Camero IROC Z.

    Nuff said

  • IROC-Z stands for,

    International Race of Champions Z-28 Camaro. It was the desination for the car used in the races leading up to the championship. All of the cars were identical only the drivers and machanics / teams were different .

  • There is a racing series called IROC and it means International Race of Champions. I don’t know what the z might stand for.

  • Named after the International Race Of Champions

    Z is the model that was introduced in 1985.

  • International race of champions

  • international race 1978

  • It’s Really Only a Camaro.

  • I Rock Z

  • beefed up camaro better suspension more hp cam specs

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