What does it mean if a guy opens the door for u ?

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What does it mean if a guy opens the door for u ?

OK this realli cute guy oƿє-ṅєd the doors for me three times in a row while we were going to our C/I class in college and he didnt just open it so i could hold the door and then get in myself he oƿє-ṅєd it all the way and kept it open with his hands until i got inside totally..like he pushed it three times with his hands to keep it open for me :”) does this mean anything or was he just trying to be nice…its only been a week of college ….. i dont even know if he recognizes me in class but i recognize him ; ) Tell me ur opinions ppl!!

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  • Please don’t turn into the Wedding forums next troll who increasingly reposts the same question — we already have too many of those.

    When a guy opens the door for you, it means he is a gentleman. My boyfriend always holds open the door for children, women and the elderly and he doesn’t have romantic feelings for any of them. You are reading too much into an act of kindness. There is your answer, stop posting this question.

  • It means he wanted to be polite and open the door for someone. I open doors for people all the time – it doesn’t mean I have a crush on them.

    Now stop posting this question.

  • For some guys it’s what they do. Many men open doors differently for people. This could just be his way. If he happens consistently maybe there’s something there. Also observe how he opens the door for others…

  • You can’t tell by the door opening Next time look into his eyes as you go through the door. In his eyes you will be able to see the flirtation if it exists.

  • It means he is a considerate person in general. If a person is taught to be polite, he/she will open doors for strangers. You are reading way too much into a gesture of common courtesy. The only way to know if he is interested is to talk to him.

  • i wouldnt think much of it. guys and girls hold doors open for people. my husband always opens the door for me, but he also opens it up for elderly men and woman. its just the polite thing to do. but a man who open’s up doors for people are usually pretty good gentlemen. i wouldnt say he likes you but if your interested in him keep him in your mind because my guess would be that he’s a pretty nice guy with good values. if he takes time out of his day to help others.. even if it is just holding the door open for people.

  • It means he’s a gentleman and has wonderful manners! My husband opens the door for everyone, old, young, pretty, not pretty…it doesn’t have a romantic connotation.

  • It means he’s polite and holds doors for people. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

    If you like him, talk to him!

  • well i always hold the door open for people to be caring but he could like you i wouldnt know tbh

  • It means his mama raised him right!

    It also means you’ve been living in a cave surrounded by Neanderthals.

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