What does it mean to be “emotionally wrought?”?

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I’ve heard this phrase before but I’ve never thought much about it until I wanted to use it in a paper…

What does it actually mean?

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  • wrought as a verb most closely means work, but in this case it’s an adjective whose meanings is “worked”, as in wrought iron (the iron is twisted or “worked” into intricate designs). So the phrase “emotionally wrought” is often used to describe something whose creation was greatly impacted and influenced by the emotion of its creator. A memoir written by a POW might be said to be emotionally wrought as the grief experienced would surely mold the diction, tone and attitude of the memoir.

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  • Meaning Wrought

  • Made delicately or elaborately using emotional thoughts.


    What follows is an acute and emotionally wrought portrait of a man and his brood consumed with guilt and despair.


    Not for the faint-hearted, ‘The Kill’ is an emotionally wrought, cinematic epic that might see 30 Seconds To Mars cement their place in the musical landscape.


  • It usually means someone is overly distressed or agonized, like they are having a real struggle with their feelings or emotions. Could give reference to a feeling of being pulled apart, not knowing what to do or which direction to turn.

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