what does it mean to have a black soul?

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12 Answers

  • It means you need to wash your feet.

  • It means you carry much negative energy in you. My ex is like this. He has a bad atmosphere around him and makes everyone feel angry and skin-crawly. He has a black soul.

  • it means a sad soul that has lost all hope. i think my soul is Black

  • It means you’ve got so many sins, or “black marks” on your soul that it’s now completely black.

  • it means you are unequivocally bad. you may not have been born that way, but have turned into something terrible.

    contrary to what people have been saying, if someone says you have a black soul, don’t kick their a**, kick your own for having one!

  • I get told it all the time but it doesn’t really bother me, it does mean that you are all evil etc, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

  • Means you got the moooooves man!!

    Does it matter what it means? It just a load of horse isn’t it.

  • If someone has a black soul, then they inherintly are a bad & nasty person.

    If someone called you that, kick there @ss!

  • It means.. you are evil and wicked.

    mostly.. that your a not so good person && everyone hates you.

    Kick their ***!!

  • It means you are wicked

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