what does it mean when a girl jokingly says she hates you?

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Is it flirting or possibly a sign that you’re in the friends zone? It’s usually when I tease her or something and she says she’s never hated someone as much as me but she’s kidding

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  • lol flirting dude

  • Sometimes my boyfriend will do something silly that is kinda mean but I always know he’s just joking around. We love each other very much and are constantly joking on each other and stuff. Sometimes he’ll do something or say something like example….today he took a picture of me and him with his phone and I looked horrible in it nd he posted it on facebook (now I dont REALLY mind…no I don’t want everyone seeing how horrible I look with no make-up or hair done but he doesn’t care so why should I?) and I told him I hated him…even though I love him to death…Any time I’ve ever said that jokingly I completely did not mean it and it was usually flirting and the other person knew it. So if you’re pretty close friends it could be a very high chance it’s flirting. 🙂

  • I don’t know. I do that all the time.

    I guess I’m realizing now that I wouldn’t say that to someone I really liked! So… I guess that means she’s put you in the friend zone? But it’s really hard to say.

    Personally, I think it’s just a joke and nothing more. If you don’t know just ask her.

  • When I say it is kind of like saying I love but cut it out in a flirty way.

  • when a girl says she hates you in a joking way, it really means that she likes you…

  • well in the past for me. that means she loves you. from what girls have told me they like it when you tease them.

  • Could be flirting but could just be funny… Can’t really tell

  • it can go both ways. alot of girls use it with their friends and alot of girls use it to act cute around someone they like.

    she might be testing you. she may be interested in how you react to those emotions.

  • i say that soemtimes when im with my BF, its jking of course and its only because he makes fun of me. but really in my case it means “I love u, but stop making fun of me!”LOL

  • she is kidding but definitely not interested

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