What does it mean when a guy texts you late at night?

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Around 10 or 11 at night. This guy I like always does that but he tells me he saves the ‘best for last’, I think he’s just bored… It’s a little frustrating because I feel like I’m not at all important! What’s your opinion on this? Thanks.

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  • When a guy texts you late at night it means he wants to spend time with YOU. YOU are what he is thinking about before he falls asleep at night. YOU are the one he wants to talk to. This might sound weird but the guy dosn’t or can’t come over to your house to spend the night so he does the second best. Texts YOU untill he falls asleep…

    hope this helped

    😀 NICOLE

  • Texting or Chatting is often just entertainment for bored folks. I know a woman who complains if I don’t chat with her for hours on end. Very often she’ll get very quiet and I’m not even sure she is still awake or even in the room with the computer. When I type in that I need to get some sleep she’ll suddenly type that she’s fine, awake, and wants to chat some more. Sometimes she’ll be so tired she stops making sense. When that happens I have to tell her I need to log off and goodnight.

    I think this guy falls into the same category as this gal. You need to 1) Don’t stay awake waiting for him to buzz or ring you, and 2) When you’ve had enough, be firm and tell him he needs to call earlier if he wants to text/chat for a long time. BE FIRM ABOUT IT WITH HIM.

    Good luck!

  • He may be telling the truth. I know there were times when I would talk to different people every night but I would always save my favorite for the last that way I wouldn’t have to worry about talking to anyone else or anyone else interrupting and that person would be the last person I was talking to and thinking about before I went to sleep 🙂 cut the guy a little slack unless you can prove otherwise.

  • it could mean a few things….

    ~he ran out of other people he would rather talk 2

    ~he wants u as a booty call

    ~he really does save the best 4 last (but does he keep texting someone else when he is done with u?)

    ~texting is free after 10 and just doesnt wanna seem cheep

  • My current boyfriend used to text late at night before we were dating. He said it was because he wanted to just be thinking about me before he went to sleep. He was probably just bored but it worked out lol

  • It is usually the time of night when his fantasy life is in high gear. Make it real for him and invite him over.

  • i think about her before i fall asleep.. maybe he’s thinking of you before bed and likes to text you

  • yea around that time he has to be bored just looking for someone to talk to it really doesnt mean anything

  • it can mean he has a gf ,why wouldn’t he just call you on the phone

  • whenever i text i girl late at night its because when i lay in bed for some reason that girl i like is just what i think of. so if hes layin around that time chances are hes thinkin about you. answer minehttp://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ap__8… please!

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