What does it mean when a job ad says “immediate hire”?

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I would assume that it means what it sounds like and they will hire you right after you apply, but I want to make sure, I’m going to need a jobs soon and if there are some jobs that will just hire you without an interview than I’m probably going to look for one of those, I do still think it would be cool to work in a place like goodwill, but I’ll take what I can get.

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  • Instant Hire Jobs

  • It means they need someone to start right away and will expect you to begin the job immediately (the next day, most likely), assuming it is offered to you.

    There’s no guarantee that it will be. They do have to look over your application and interview you first. They aren’t going to hire someone who just walks in off the street and says, “Hi, I’m here to take that job you advertised.”

  • It may not mean that no interview is required but that, after suitable vetting and satisfaction that you are the right person for the job, they want you to start immediately.

  • Immediate=”without intervening time” (in=un=not, without). The word “hire” is from the word root “heir”=”to possess or own”. In total the term “immediate hire” means that employment is to begin right away.

  • They need someone right away. They may or may not want to interview you right then and they or may not want you to start that very day. Depends on the job.

  • I think that it means they will hire the person as quickly as possible, but that doesn’t mean no interview.

  • it means that they want someone to start immediate without giving your former employer 2 week notice

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