what does it mean when people call someone a loner?? or loaner?

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  • A loner…someone who spends most of their time alone, doing their own thing. Doesn’t hang with groups of friends or cliques.

    A loaner…someoen who makes loans. A person who people borrow things from, usually money.

  • Loaner Meaning

  • Loner Meaning

  • A loner from what people would call in school from time to time would mean that i mostly would rather hang out by myself than with a group of people. Which isn’t true. I’d get pretty bored hanging with myself amd really want people to talk to which is hard for because I’m pretty shy still and making friends isn’t my biggest strength. I once thought before that when people call me that because I’m not loved anyone and there’s no hope for me in the world. But let’s not think that.

    A loaner would be someone who borrows money but would have to pay back the same amount of money if used. For example, if you borrow $2,000 from the bank to buy an enɡɑɡement for your soon to be wife/ husband, than you would have to pay them back in a certain amount time or they’d be in your a$$ until you pay them back.

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    what does it mean when people call someone a loner?? or loaner?

  • people call loner loaner

  • loner= have no friends, dont want any. they sit by themselves, dont talk much, try to stay away from others.

    loaner= they loan stuff (borrow for short term of time)

  • I hate it when they call me that, though most of the time they are correct.

    Loner= Someone who spends most of his/her time alone. Like this person who doesnt like people or isnt accepted by people. s/he spends most his time alone.

    Though loaner..do you lend people things or money?

  • loner means they have no friends

    loaner means they let people borrow things

  • a loner is a person who is seen as being alone, it’s not a bad thing it just means basically means what it sounds like, a loner is alone<3

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