What does it mean when people say something “becomes you”?

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For example, “Sarcasm becomes you.”

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  • Well it depends Evidently, the person who said the remark thinks that you are a very sarcastic person but it depends upon whether or not he thinks sarcasm is a good thing or bad. Personally I think sarcasm shows that you have a quick, biting and acerbic wit. So the person or persons saying that recognize your sarcastic bent of mind and are saying it sounds good coming from you. Hmmmm, am I being a little sarcastic here????

  • In the Law it is written that no one can be put to death except on the the testimony of two or three witnesses. If a person cannnot verify what they so blatantly profess by “two or three” then it cannot be considered as fact. There are many grossly misinterperted verses. The best way to read is without prejudices. What is directly stated is what is directly meant, unless it is prophesy. All law must be looked at that way and all stories either show the law being used for good or a breaking of it. This is the best way to analyze a verse. I think the less we try and “interpert” the better off we will be. I think a man has the right to choose for himself, but it must jive with all the other scriptures, if it does not, you have something wrong. The Bible must be read with one thing in mind: What does God think? Not What do I think.

  • u become that thing they said, so sarcasm has become you means that u r like sarcasm, always using that toward others

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  • It is natural for you. Fits you perfectly. Is Suitable for you.

  • It is apt or fitting for you.


  • “It suits you.”


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